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Eco responsible

Palmex International Inc. is proud to supply its clientele with eco-responsible, 100% recyclable, heavy-duty and long-lasting tropical roofing.

Our products are free of any toxic substances, designed according to ISO 9001-2008 norms, and partially built from recycled materials.

In production, our synthetic palm leaves undergo a special anti-UV treatment which translates into great energy savings on air-conditioning and ventilation.

For environmental reasons, our packaging is kept to an absolute minimum when preparing product for shipping.

Our industrial-strength and highly-resistant materials suit all climates. This superior durability is what makes a PALMEX product’s lifespan estimated at 50 years or more. Nonetheless, should the circumstances require it, PALMEX leaves can be dismantled and re-used.

PALMEX products have been designed to provide a permanent, long-term solution to the problematic issue of the massive over-harvesting of natural resources throughout the planet for the purpose of building exotic roofing. Our products help minimize the negative effects that economic growth and real-estate development can have on the natural environment.

Desirous of sharing a vision for sustainable development, Palmex International Inc. is proud to offer an eco-responsible product range to fulfill today’s building and development demands without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their own in turn.

"Palmex, the permanent solution"